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Dear compatriots and visitors of this homepage,

the attempt to found a native town community (Heimat-Ort-Gemeinschaft refered as HOG-Kriegsdorf) has been prosecuted since years.
Because of missing approval our compatriots of Kriegsdorf who as well have been busy with personal problems of integration, as also have been busy to secure their own existence, lead to a later decision to found a community (association).
The community to which one belonged and belongs, characterizes the identity of a human being and we think that the community of Kriegsdorf compatriots have never been a bad idea.
Finally the foundation of the HOG- Kriegsdorf has happened in Trossingen on the 31.01.2009.
It has been presented and approved an own statutes.
Thereafter the first HOG-committee was voted.
The result of the committee votings and the goals of it are listed in the margin of the menu.
The members of the HOG-Kriegsdorf are looking forward to every new member.
Everyone who wants to be a member of the community (association), under considerations of the statutes of the club, can print the joining.
Become a member of our association and support us with the arrangements and realizations of the goals!
We wish all visitors of our homepage a lot of fun in meeting the past and the present of our history.

The committee

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