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Kriegsdorf, our Village | Cemetery
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Dear visitors!

Cemetery, burial ground, or as we say in our mother tongue „Godfield“ is one location where the deceased of our community find the eternal peace. How many of our own people found their final resting place there, is what we do not know exactly yet.


It is certain that there are the graves of all those who served for and have lived in our community. If at one point the continuity of the history of our church communities is evident, then especially at this cemetery.

On the gravestones one can read the name, birthdate, day of their home going and sometimes a commemorative phrase. These stones whithstand wind and rain, the protection for them has been taken over by the nature. She understands  how to cover (mantle) these proud stones in form of an almost virgin forest.

We should not leave all these protective function up to nature! It is and remains our moral obligation to ensure that these graves are not forgotten. Help us to take care in any kind of form. Zinzendorf, a lutheran theologian taught once:

Like the human being has oriented in Jesus with all his actions,
so his lying in the grave might also be a liturgical act.
Even Jesus had finally rested in his grave. The „Godfield“
was one order of the liturgical offices of the municipality.


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