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Dear fellow countryman an visitors of this page!

Us the board of the HOG, set as a major goal, to preserve our dialect and maintain it. Unfortunately a language which is being spoken is not automatically kept up. With our unique dialect, it is as with other dialects, the less it is spoken, the less it is understood. Certainly one reason for the decreased useage for our dialect is the dissolution of the Kriegsdorfer village community.

With your help, as good as possible, we would like to pass on our unique old German Alemannic dialect to the youth and future generations. Dear reader, with your help we hope to preserve our mother tongue, which was peerlessly spoken in Kriegsdorf only. Keep up this dialect. Write us, send us stories, tell us tales, anecdotes, eyewitness reports, idioms, proverbial wisdom, etc., in our mother tongue.

For the visitors of this page who does not understand this dialect, we provided a phrasebook/dictionary. This unique treasure has been prepared decades ago by our cuntryman, pastor Weniger and others.


Finally: A wise man once said: „When the dialect dies, with it a large piece of homeland would be lost. And how poor we would be without a home. We are proud of our heritage.
Whoever is ashamed of his origins has no future.“


In this sense,
the editorial board

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