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Kriegsdorf, our village
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Geographical location

Kriegsdorf/Hadad is a very remote village that lies in the northwest part of Romania, in the Sathmarer district, an area not far from Hungary to the west and the Ukraine to the north. The municipality consists of the villages: Nadisu Hododului, Giurtelecu Hododului and Lelei. The next (small) city is called Cehu- Silvaniei, about 12 km away and the larger cities Zalau and Satu Mare are about 40 and 70 km distance respectively. The distance to the nearest German settlement, Bildeg, was only 30 km away. Kriegsdorf is surrounded by hills; the fields belonging to the village were not very fertile soil, however the hills supported magnificent southern exposure vineyards and many fruit trees for the prosperous valley. The gorgeous green meadows supplied the fodder for cattle that worked the fields and provided meat for the family.

The surrounding hardwood forests of Kriegsdorf supplied the warmth for the cold winters. Stories of the bad wolf were extremely well known to us all. The origin of the name of Kriegsdorf is still not known today. The inhabitants were peace loving, efficient, industrious and pious humans. Kriegsdorf is a typical ribbon-built village; the main street runs from the west to east called (Felsö Utca?) or “

Upper Street and is the main Hungarian district. The road that connects the German district is the (Große Gasse) or “Large Lane.

Other smaller streets to mention would be the Henkel Lane, Löscher Lane, Branner Lane, Rose Lane, New Lane and the Gypsy settlement.

The German part of Kriegsdorf had a much loved “Large Brook” (Großer Bach) that meandered south through town and provided great enjoyment for the children and much needed cooling baths in the hot summer days.

We welcome you in our former village.
Enjoy the memories and help us to conserve the past.

Take part on  realization of our present and future ideas.

Your editorial group


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