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Dear fellow countrymen and honored guests of these sites!

As in so many other areas the internet gives us an unprecedented ability to access and share information, pictures and old and new stories about our previous homeland Kriegsdorf.
We would appreciate if you would contribute in particular to these pages by filling in your own reports and articles. These are your pages as well; this is your platform so take the chance to publish your own stories! Us the younger generation would love to be able to read your memories and experiences. Let us share them with each other! Our and our following  generations will thank you. Take the chance and write about the old days about how the daily life in the village was at that time. We are of course interested in both the happy and sad stories and events.
So you could write about:

  • What old traditions and customs did people from Kriegsdorf have?
  • The war and its aftermath were a very difficult time for everybody and you certainly know some stories about them.
  • For those who emigrated, the search for a new home/place was one major worry. Some of you have been plagued by homesickness. It certainly pays off to bring back those feelings of the different life episodes. Please write them down.
  • The deportation to Russia is still not yet documented; it would be of great interest if a previous deportee could write about the experiences he/she made during those times far away from home and what it took to survive under those very difficult conditions.
  • The developments of the village history and the co-existence with other nations are issues we are missing too. Those of you who still remember the small Jewish community, who know where they might be today, what happened to them, how they lived in the past please write about.
  • Stories about the local musicians, the Gypsies, would also be of great interest.
  • The small colony established later in Engelsbrunn could also be an interesting topic to write about.

You, Canadians, Austrians, Germans, former inhabitants of Engelsbrunn and of Kriegsdorf, you all have made experiences and have your precious memories about related to your search for a new home in exile.
Us the people from Kriegsdorf are peaceful, pious, capable and home country related people with a sad and troubled past.
Please write about all these, let your memories come to life again. We look forward to each and every piece of mail from you, you should dare this step and we will help you.
These topics are certainly an inexhaustible source of amazing stories which will enrich these pages.
Today many especially those from the older generation still know a lot of things about our old homeland. But the younger generation doesn’t! One would ask them about in vain. This is one other very important reason why we would appreciate it if you provide us with documents, reports, stories that you could send us. Don’t allow your memories to vanish for ever.

We wish you a happy, inspired writing!

The editors

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