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Meeting of the Kriegsdorf Homeland September 18th 2010

Speech of the Chairman George Erdei

Dear fellow countrymen from Kriegsdorf, dear guests;

On behalf of the executive committee of the HOG Kriegsdorf it is a pleasure to
welcome you at our meeting here in Rastatt. We had our last meeting in Trossingen in May last year. The reason why we organized a meeting this year again is: The Engelsbrunner Homeland meeting is in September in those years which have an odd year date. Since many of us also visit this event regularly, we will have our meeting from 2010 forward; every two years. We shall meet again, God willing, in 2012 in Trossingen. Today I already want to announce that then there will be an election for the new executive committee. In our annually magazine 2011 or in a circular letter there will be precise information.

Dear compatriots as it was announced during our last meeting, the HOG tried to
implement our promise. Last year in September the cemeteries in Kriegsdorf were cleaned up. The maintenance was continued this year. We managed to involve the representatives of the churches in Kriegsdorf. Both the Baptist-Pentecostal and Protestant churches have agreed together to monitor the maintenance of the cemeteries. Thanks to your donations, this project can and should be guaranteed. Also the path to our German cemeteries is a subject that concerns us. Either the „Mischli Gasse“ will be renovated or the community will buy a part of the garden which borders on this narrow street and build a path there. The mayor of the community, who is also a member of the HOG, will inform us in the future. The Baptists and the Pentecostals from Kriegsdorf as well as the HOG each contribute 400 Euros.

The tombstones of our deceased from Kriegsdorf; as well as these from Engelsbrunn, can be seen on our Homepage. Keyword homepage: Please also visit us online and you will discover interesting articles in German and some of them also in English.

Apart from our homepage as a source of information we managed to publish our first edition of our annual magazine „Kriegsdorf, unser Dorf“ (Kriegsdorf, our village) in December 2009. Thanks to your donations and contributions as well as the tireless dedication of our colleague and member of the board, Elke Weniger-Viel; this action can be done this year again. If it is possible to repeat this in the future too; depends on different factors also. Over 450 magazines were handed out or sent. But at the moment the HOG has only 80 members, a number which does not satisfy us. We founded the HOG to reach our goals together. If we do not succeed in reaching you, dear compatriots; then we are doing something wrong. I find it more and more difficult to keep the younger generation actively involved in view of the number of members. If the yearly subscription of 10 Euros per member is an obstacle for the membership, then please let us know.

We do not try to stop the course of the history. We found a new home where we integrated very well. We only try to preserve the time we spent in our home in Kriegsdorf for the future generations. Who shall do this if we do not? Someday our grandchildren will ask where we come from, how we got and lived there and how we preserved our identity. The protection of the language and the traditions in Banat German villages was a lot easier because of the nearly 100% German population. Our ancestors had to fight against the „Magyarization“ and for the preservation of their faith and their language. Unfortunately these efforts can be recognized, especially by the older generation in our pronunciation of words or in our accent; but this shall not be a shame. It should rather fill us with pride because our ancestors had been steadfast and did not give way to the reprisals of their earlier years!

Dear compatriots: another subject that we dealt with the last years was the fate of the protestant church. Many of you may already have heard the great news about the reopening. In the morning of the 8th of August the completion of the inner room was celebrated with an ecumenical service. The many donators, who made this expensive renovation possible, have our respect and our recognition. We want to say a special thanks to Georg Hotz, Michael Krumbacher, Pastor Gerhard Wagner and the contractor, Papp Laczi. The result is a considerable achievement. We also want to say thank you again because the HOG was allowed to take part in the celebration of the reopening.

It is really not the right moment to analyse if this big expenditure can be justified. Everybody is allowed to have their own opinion about it. Afterwards a movie which we prepared for you, dear compatriots, could help you to find an answer for this question.

Another subject the HOG should talk about is the question:”What should be done with the Kriegsdorf organ?”
Since 2006 the church was in danger of collapse and it was decided to save the organ with the help of the country consistory from Hermannstadt. Originally this action was a helpful and temporary solution. But we found out that the organ was only rescued to use for something else and not to help the community from Kriegsdorf.
The organ that is a cultural possession for us, will be sold with the help of a
German foundation, which provides 30 000 Euros, renovated and, as it is already
decided by Bishop Dr. Klein, placed in the Johanniskirche in Hermannstadt. I hope you can understand that we will not discuss the reason the bishop mentioned because we think that at the moment this does make any sense.
In consultation with Pastor Gerhard Wagner and other compatriots, the country
consistory was at least asked for a compensation in grant of a five-figure Euro sum for the loss of the organ, which was bought at the end of 19th century by our ancestors.
The money would be used for the renovation of the outside part of the protestant
church in Kriegsdorf.
The district consistory in Mühlbach welcomed this suggestion and will take it as an item on the agenda at the next country consistory meeting.
This is the current state about the organ.
A detailed report will be in our next annual magazine.

Before we will start with the cosy part, I want to thank everybody, on behalf of the HOG, all who contributed and will contribute to the success of today.
Thanks to all who donated cakes and other things.
I wish all of us a great event and thank you for your attention!

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